Allegra & Kyle's Stamford, CT Engagement Session

Happy Friday! Today is actually my 25th birthday & I'm celebrating with a wedding free weekend! Is it bad that I'm a little sad not to be shooting?? Back to back to back weddings in August will make up for it. I met Allegra in college. We were 2 of the 11 members in our HDFS Honors Program and managed to get through senior year, research, thesis writing, poster presentations, conferences, and struggling through graduate classes together. Why again did we think that was a good idea? I remember telling my thesis advisor and research teams that instead of furthering my education after graduation I was going to nanny and try to become a professional wedding photographer. Got a lot of "Annie the Nanny" jokes and very confused faces. But hey - flash forward three years and here we are. Life is GOOD friends, life is good. Jokes aside, we all know that I'm obsessed with UConn and wouldn't change a thing. And I'm so fortunate for all of the amazing people I met, Allegra being one of them. This amazing girl is now teaching Special Ed in the Bronx and is recently engaged to her high school sweetheart, Kyle. I had so much fun with these two! Thank you both for being troopers in the 97 degree heat. You rule. XO


How every engagement session should end.