The Barns at Weslyan, Middletown CT Wedding | Emma & Mike

20150502-3F5A8490I can perfectly remember the first time I met Emma. It was 2009, I had recently started spending time with Steve, Emma & Steve go way back, and she had stopped by to say hi while I was hanging out at "M-City" (shout out to everyone who remembers this off-campus house). She came in with the biggest smile on her face and seemed so genuinely excited to meet me. I knew right off the bat that if this was the kind of girl Steve was friends with I was in luck. Ever since then Emma has always been so friendly. Once I started my photography business she would always reach out to me about my pictures and show so much support. I specifically remember a couple of years ago when Emma first mentioned that she wanted me to shoot her engagement session and wedding whenever Mike proposed. I was still in the beginning stages of running my business at that time and that kind of support meant the world to me. Still does!

I have been looking forward to Emma & Mike's wedding for so long and the day completely blew me away. It was the kind of wedding where I was able to make a connection with so many of the guests, bridal party, family, even the staff at the venue. They made me feel completely comfortable and welcomed during the entire day. Emma made it look so easy - one of those effortless, no drama brides that every photographer dreams of. So many guests came up to me throughout the day with a big smile on their face to tell me how wonderful it was to be at a wedding celebrating two people who are perfect together. I must have heard the words, "I just feel so good about Emma & Mike" about 50 times. The weather was perfect, the venue was gorgeous... I really don't know what else to say other than THANK YOU Emma & Mike for letting me be there to capture your wedding. It was a day I'll never forget.

I hope you are enjoying every minute of your Hawaii honeymoon. XO

Thank you to all the incredible vendors that helped make Emma & Mike's wedding so perfect!

Venue & Catering: CT Wedding Group - Barns at Wesleyan Hills
Hair & Makeup: The Iron Scissors
Cupcakes: Heather Brunell
Dress: Custom made by family friend Gail Fresia
Shoes & Bag: Kate Spade
Bridesmaid Dresses: Donna Morgan