Magnolia Letter Arts

Hey there! Can't believe it's already Thursday, this week is flying by. As you may have noticed, Anne Lee Photography is sporting a brand new, beautiful logo. I've been searching for a while now to find the right person to help me out with this. Someone who would take the time to understand my brand and really capture what I was looking for. Sounds easy but I was struggling! I've always loved the look of hand-drawn logos and when I found out one of my sorority sisters from college had decided to make her lettering into a business I knew it was the perfect fit! Alex was actually my DG "pledge mom" (shout out to all my Alpha Lambda's!). We would all save letters and worksheets that she had created for us and admire her handwriting. When she agreed to work with me on this project I was ecstatic. Alex couldn't have been more helpful and awesome along the way. I highly recommend you check out her site and then come up with a reason to order one of her designs... because trust me, you'll want to! I can't wait for my new business cards and stamps to arrive. Thanks, Alex!

Here's another look at the new logo. Pretty awesome, right?!

logo clipped again