Welcome!  So glad you’re here. I’m Anne, a New England wedding & lifestyle photographer.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by photographs. Growing up I would spend hours looking through my grandparents’ photo albums. I would stare at each picture, memorizing each expression, in awe of how much I could take away from a simple 4×6. I loved the fact that I could learn so much about my family through these moments, captured and preserved by photography. To me, photographs have always been the ultimate gift.

The fact that I am able to give this gift to my clients brings me more joy than any other job I can imagine.

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I’m from Massachusetts, went to school in Connecticut, spent my summers in New Hampshire, vacation every year in Maine, & spend my free weekends at my family’s home in Vermont. I love New England. I shoot weddings in all of these locations (& more) and I’m always up to travel.

I work in Special Education at a local high school and absolutely love it. My students are amazing and I learn so much from them everyday.

I love dogs. All dogs. If you have a dog & want to bring him/her to your shoot I have two words for you – do it.

I love to travel. In college I spent a semester living in Florence, Italy. While I was abroad I traveled all over Europe and fell in love with every city I visited.

I graduated from the University of Connecticut where I studied Human Development & Family Studies. I’m a huge fan of everything UCONN.

After college I spent a year at Boston University’s Center for Digital Arts studying photography. I learned so much at BUCDIA and met some amazing people that have greatly influenced my career.

Want to know more? Shoot me an email! Let’s grab a drink.